OpenContrail is an Apache 2.0-licensed project that is built using standards-based protocols and provides all the necessary components for network virtualization–SDN controller, virtual router, analytics engine, and published northbound APIs. Learn more about OpenContrail from the slideshow overview or the detailed software architecture document.

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What people are saying..

"Telstra is investigating software-defined networking as a potential enabler for service innovation and acceleration. We have been working with Juniper Networks to better understand how we can leverage emerging technologies such as service chaining without the risk of being locked into a specific technology or architecture. The OpenContrail product is an open standards-based solution designed to eliminate barriers to commercial SDN adoption."
Crispin Blackall, director enterprise and business product engineering, Telstra
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"Software defined networking is a key area of interest for China Mobile Research Institution to evaluate agility, utilization and scalability in cloud deployment for our customers and ourselves. We have worked closely with Juniper and the Contrail team to understand their innovations in this area and are currently testing the platform satisfactorily in our environment. We are pleased with Juniper’s decision to open source Contrail as we believe this will accelerate SDN developments and the creation of new applications."
Lu Huang, technical manager, China Mobile Research Institute
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"The Apache Cloudstack community has been a longtime proponent of the value of open source software, and embraces the contribution of open source infrastructure solutions to the broader industry. We welcome products such as Juniper’s OpenContrail giving users of Apache CloudStack open options for the network layer of their cloud environment. We believe this release is a positive step for the industry."
Chip Childers, vice president, Apache Cloudstack Foundation
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"Cloudscaling is committed to open source software, and our Open Cloud System leverages OpenStack as a core technology. It is a sign of the times that innovators like Juniper Networks are embracing open source without reservation. This allows true end-to-end open source solutions for building scalable clouds. OpenContrail is a project that definitely strengthens the partnership between our two companies."
Randy Bias, chief executive officer and co-founder, Cloudscaling
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"IBM has a long history of fostering open communities that can accelerate market adoption, spur innovation and empower our clients to manage their heterogeneous IT environments. Cloud can serve as a growth engine for business when the cloud infrastructure be built on open cloud architecture. We are excited to partner with Juniper as well as the OpenDaylight and OpenStack communities to accelerate the adoption of software defined networks – an important part of any open cloud architecture."
Angel Diaz, vice president, Software Standards and Cloud Labs, IBM
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"Agile, scale-out networking is critical to unlocking the power of cloud computing, but until now, proprietary interfaces have slowed adoption of software-defined networking. By delivering Contrail as open source, Juniper has made a quantum leap forward in the productivity and flexibility of SDN. As the number one pure-play OpenStack company, we’ve seen firsthand how open source gives public and private cloud operators the agility they crave. There's no substitute for full transparency in unlocking these benefits both in developer productivity and in competitive advantage."
Boris Renski, executive vice president and co-founder of Mirantis and member of the board at the OpenStack Foundation
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